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Marketing Manager

A Marketing professional with a love of travel and all things ski related. Nici secured her dream job with VIP SKI in 2010 and hasn't looked back since!

Are you a talented HR Manager?

Thu May 20, 2021

HR Manager for VIP SKI

UPDATE 9 June 2021. Thanks to everyone who expressed an interest, the position has now been filled and we look forward to welcoming Ella to the team.

We are currently seeking a new HR Manager, a hugely important member at the very centre of our VIP SKI community. This is a permanent, full time position reporting directly to the Operations Director.

This is a ‘dream job’ for the right candidate. A fantastic opportunity to help us build and maintain our DNA and to be an integral part of our small but inspirational team. We are passionate about our brand and our absolute commitment to our customers, we are looking for someone who understands this.

London Office

The VIP SKI team will be here from 1 June to answer any question you may have

NEW Flexible travel options

Wed May 12, 2021

Added flexibility that doesn’t cost a penny more

My goodness, how we have wrestled with this challenge over the long Covid winter. We hear you when you say that you don’t want the rigidity of charter flying, that you want the flexibility of flying from wherever you want at any time of the day, we hear many of you when you say that you don’t want to be squeezed onto a coach at our convenience and we hear everyone that doesn’t want this added flexibility to cost a penny more.

Well, just maybe we have found a way to satisfy you all. We have taken a few hundred pounds off our prices, as little as a hundred on low season dates when flights are cheap and many hundreds on the peak dates, so that you can make your own flight arrangements from wherever you choose and at your own convenience.

London Office

The VIP SKI team will be here from 1 June to answer any question you may have

Opening 1 June

Sun May 09, 2021

It's lovely to be back

It’s been a long Covid winter, but we are emerging from our furlough burrows, blinking in the daylight, stretching for the headsets and shortly available to take your calls. It’s a new number, 0203 892 4060, which should be slightly easier to remember and Jess, Lou and Gareth are bursting with energy and enthusiasm following an enforced period of “ski banter” withdrawal. They can’t wait to chat from 1 June.

London Office

The VIP SKI team will be here from 1 June to answer any question you may have

No flights

Sat May 08, 2021

No Flights?

Sadly our charter days are over.

We do not include flights as part of our holiday arrangements anymore because fewer of our guests wish to fit in with our rigid charter flight times and fixed departure airport, choosing rather to make alternative arrangements with their own favourite airline or regional airport. We understand that the plethora of low-cost airlines and regional departures made this inevitable at some stage or another (albeit sooner than we expected to be honest) and this means that charter flying for a small business like ours is no longer commercially viable unfortunately.

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