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Luxury Ski Holidays in Europe

Most people go skiing or snowboarding only once or twice (if they’re lucky) each year, so choosing the right ski resort is crucially important. Val d'Isere & Morzine are both French ski resorts but they are as similar as chalk and cheese. Start to consider ski holidays in other countries and the differences become even more pronounced.

Lots of factors are considered when choosing a ski holiday, the importance of each of them depends on your own personal preferences, the make-up of the group you are going on holiday with, your skiing ability, how far you wish to travel etc.

We hope these pages will help you select which of our 5 resorts in France will be the best choice for your next luxury European ski holiday with VIP SKI.

Skiing in France

Some people may think skiing is skiing, and so long as there is snow, blue sky, comfortable accommodation and good food it doesn’t matter what resort you choose. But the experience can differ from country to country and resort to resort. Of course, we believe we will deliver unforgettable European ski holidays whichever resort you choose to ski in.

The best ski resorts in Europe...

With over 1,600 European ski resorts to choose from, trying to determine which might be the best one resort for you can be quite a challenge. But there’s no need to worry, we’ve done most of the hard work for you. We’ve already selected 5 of the Alps best loved European resorts from hundreds.

We believe our European ski resorts in France offer the very best combination of charm, convenience, scenery and skiing terrain, to ensure whichever one you choose, you will have an unforgettable ski holiday.

Resorts vary enormously in some key respects – charm, convenience and scenery. At the extremes there are the handful of rather hideous, modern apartment block resorts thrown up in France in the 1960’s and the captivating, charming villages which you can find in Austria.

Some European ski resorts are sprawling, whereas others are surprisingly compact. Of course, the proximity of the chalet or hotel to the pistes determines how much walking or bussing you may need to do.

Mountains are of course beautifully scenic, but there are differences, from the gently hilly to the jaw-droppingly impressive jagged mountain peaks. Another very important factor is the ski area itself; the type of terrain it offers, the lift structure, its snow reliability, are there terrain parks and what ski schools or guides are on offer.

If you’re struggling to decide which resort might suit you best, let us help, call us now on 0203 892 4060

The best ski resorts for beginners...

If you’re considering skiing for the first time we’d recommend some of our featured French ski resorts. You should select a resort with gentle, snow-sure nursery slopes and easy, longer blue runs to progress on to. Ski school is also important and finding a school with a good reputation and English speaking instructors will ensure your first ski experience is an enjoyable one. Something else to consider is the location of the chalet or hotel. It’s not easy carrying skis for the first time so choosing a compact resort will also make all the difference.

We would highly recommend the French resorts of Morzine or Arc 1950  for your first ski holiday. We understand it may be a little daunting trying to decipher all the information so we’d be happy to talk through the options.

The best family ski resorts...

Choosing a resort for your family ski holiday is no easy feat. It’s tricky to pick the ‘best family ski resort’ as we understand children differ, parents differ, and the requirements of both change over time, especially as the children get older and become more competent skiers. You could argue there is no single resort perfect for every family. That said, there are certain requirements to consider, and certainly many of our chosen resorts fit the bill for families. Things to consider when selecting your family ski holiday are;

  1. The resort should be easy to get to. Transfers of more than 2 or 3 hours could present problems for many young children.
  2. The village should be easy to get around. Look for a compact resorts with accommodation close to the ski school meeting point.
  3. The resort should offer things to do other than skiing, and make it possible for kids to play safely on the snow.
  4. The ski school should be well run and highly regarded, with English speaking instructors.
  5. Consider childcare, it could really make a difference to your holiday in terms of giving you some well-deserved ‘me’ time and just as importantly, ensuring that the children have a fun and enjoyable experience.

Have a browse through our website for more information about our family ski holiday and childcare, as well as our recommended family chalets and hotels.

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