We open tomorrow at 9:00 AM
We open tomorrow at 9:00 AM

Flexible travel options

Complimentary coach transfers from Geneva or incredible upgrade rates for personal drivers and private transfers from any airport to all of our resorts.

**IMPORTANT NOTE** It is currently not possible to transit through Geneva Airport to France. Please see our advice for travel to and from France.

Our holiday prices do not include flights anymore so that you may choose from the 120 flights every day between the UK and our transport hub at Geneva and hundreds more to and from the other local French airports. We recognise that fewer and fewer of our guests wished to conform with rigid charter flight times and a fixed departure airport and so instead we now offer three complimentary scheduled bus services from Geneva to and from each of our resorts at different times of the day.

For those who might worry about being inconvenienced by flight delays or waiting unnecessarily at Geneva for a scheduled coach departure, or indeed for those who would prefer to fly to Lyon, Grenoble, or Chambery, we have negotiated and subsidised some incredible rates so you can have your own personal driver and private transfer to and from resort with a supplement from only £20 per person in the Portes du Soleil and from £40 per person to the Tarentaise.

We will have a manned desk at Geneva to provide assistance to all arriving and departing VIP SKI guests throughout the day and with airlines such as British Airways, Swiss, Easyjet and Jet2 offering a vast range of flights on a Sunday (Wednesday for December departures) from all the regional airports, you now have complete control over your flying at your, rather than our, convenience.

If you need our help researching flight options, availability and prices then of course we are more than happy to assist.

Complimentary coach transfer from and to Geneva Airport

Guests are free to pre-book on which bus they wish to travel but it would be prudent not to select a bus that departs less than 90 minutes after a published flight arrival time when bearing in mind possible flight delays and how busy the airport can be on a Sunday (and on a Wednesday for our December departures). For those guests that miss a scheduled departure for whatever reason we will have a permanently manned desk at Geneva to help organise an alternative method of transport to resort, albeit at your own expense. We do not leave the airport until the last of our guests have arrived safely and been dispatched to resort.

Buses will depart at the scheduled times, albeit our local Transfer Desk, available to our guests by phone at all times, will have the discretion to delay a departure if they deem reasonable. This might mean a few minutes for two delayed guests or longer for thirty guests, depending on the circumstances at the time. We might also, at our discretion, depart from resort slightly earlier than scheduled on busy departure days or when there is local weather risk likely to affect downward transfer times, you will of course be informed of this as early as possible.

It is often neglected in the excitement of booking a ski holiday that the mountains (and airport!) can be a hostile environment in the winter and that road closures and traffic delays sometimes do happen through heavy snow or avalanche, it is always worth double checking that your travel insurance will cover you in the unlikely event that you miss your return flight through circumstances beyond anyone’s control.

Choice of 3 transfer times

Select and pre-book the following coach times to and from resort to best suit your flight arrival and departure times.

Val d’Isère

Depart GVA 11.30, arrive Val d’Isère 15.30
Depart GVA 15.30, arrive Val d’Isère 19.30
Depart GVA 18.00, arrive Val d’Isère 22.00

Depart Val d’Isère 05.00, arrive GVA 09.00
Depart Val d’Isère 08.00, arrive GVA 12.00
Depart Val d’Isère 11.00, arrive GVA 15.00

Les Arcs

Depart GVA 11.30, arrive Les Arcs 15.30
Depart GVA 15.30, arrive Les Arcs 19.30
Depart GVA 18.00, arrive Les Arcs 22.00

Depart Les Arcs 05.00, arrive GVA 09.00
Depart Les Arcs 08.00, arrive GVA 12.00
Depart Les Arcs 11.00, arrive GVA 15.00

Portes du Soleil (Les Gets, Morzine, Avoriaz)

Depart GVA 11.30, arrive Les Gets/Morzine 13.00, Avoriaz 13.30
Depart GVA 15.30, arrive Les Gets/Morzine 17.00, Avoriaz 17.30
Depart GVA 18.00, arrive Les Gets/Morzine 19.30, Avoriaz 20.00

Depart Avoriaz 07.00, Morzine/Les Gets 07.30, arrive GVA 09.00
Depart Avoriaz 10.00, Morzine/Les Gets 10.30, arrive GVA 12.00
Depart Avoriaz 13.00, Morzine/Les Gets 13.30, arrive GVA 15.00

UPGRADE to private taxi transfers from as little as £20 per person

Whilst our complimentary scheduled coach transfers from Geneva are comfortable, reliable and efficient, we recognise that they may not suit everyone. You might worry about being inconvenienced by flight delays or waiting unnecessarily at the airport for others. You might also wish to fly to Lyon, Grenoble or Chambery and take advantage of a flight route, timing and price that suits you better. We have therefore negotiated with local taxi partners and subsidised the cost substantially so that you can upgrade to a private taxi transfer at some amazing prices.

If you would prefer the comfort and intimacy of your own driver and a private taxi to meet your flight and to take you and your party straight from the airport terminal to your chalet, and then from your chalet to the airport on your return, then this upgrade can cost as little as £20 per person to anywhere in the Portes du Soleil. With our incredible discounted rates even Val d’Isère and Les Arcs cost from only £40 per person.

This service is subject to availability. Pre-booking is absolutely essential and in order to avoid disappointment we recommend that you confirm your private transfer upgrade request when you make your accommodation booking. Prices are heavily subsidised by us and therefore only available with a full price accommodation booking. Note that infants are counted as a full passenger as special arrangements apply.

From Geneva (GVA)

 Group size   4       6      8      10      12      14+  
 Portes du Soleil £50  £30  £20   £20   £20  Free
 Les Arcs  £120  £70  £70  £70  £60  £40
 Val d’Isère  £120  £70  £70  £70  £60  £40
 From Lyon (LYS)            
 Group size    4      6      8        
 Les Arcs  £160  £90  £70      
 Val d’Isère  £160  £90  £70      
 From Grenoble (GNB)                
 Group size    4      6      8        
 Les Arcs  £160  £90  £70      
 Val d’Isère  £160  £90  £70      
 From Chambery (CMF)            
 Group size    4      6       8        
 Les Arcs  £100  £60  £40      
 Val d’Isère  £110  £60  £40      
 From Bourg St Maurice            
 Group size    4     6      8      10      12      14+ 
 Les Arcs  Free  Free  Free  Free  Free  Free
 Val d’Isère  Free  Free  Free  Free  Free  Free


The upgrade rates shown above are guide supplements per person for return transfers and may fluctuate due to exchange rates. Prices are confirmed at time of booking. We can quote upgrade prices for larger groups from Lyon, Grenoble and Chambery on request. Transfers are typically by Mercedes Vito or similar for groups of eight or less, small coaches for larger group sizes

The ultimate intimacy and convenience

Whilst our scheduled coach transfers are comfortable, reliable and efficient, they will not suit everybody, and we recognise that the alternative of a private transfer can be expensive.

For those comfortable with driving on the other side of the road and with the modern convenience of sat nav on your phone, driving to and from resort can be a cheaper, comfortable and relaxing alternative, allowing to you break the trip on the way.

We can give you the google coordinates of your chalet and all of our resorts have covered and convenient parking, most in our own buildings and so without additional charge. It’s true that you might have to pop on a set of chains if there is a lot of snow around (this is a fairly rare occurrence, winter tyres are excellent), but modern chains are much easier than the struggles of old and you can always book a 4x4 for complete piece of mind.

The following car hire companies operate at Geneva airport. Make sure that you are booking on the Swiss side of the airport, even with GPS, the French side is a time-consuming detour and hideously complicated to find. Book as soon as you make your accommodation booking, particularly if you would like a 4x4 which are in limited supply during peak periods and during school holidays.

Drive all the way to the Alps

If you would rather drive out to resort you can either book your ferry crossing direct with the operator or through an agent. Click here for self drive advice and directions to our chalets.

Crossings from Dover to Calais 

Crossings from Dover to Dunkirk 

Alternatively, if you would rather have an agent search through more options for you, here are a few to try; 

Travel on Sunday

Our usual week operates Sunday to Sunday. We encourage travel on a Sunday morning to avoid the crowds at the airport and the cars on the road. 

Pre-departure details

We will send you your essential pre-departure information via email. Please check these carefully and read all pre-departure information as it contains essential information regarding your holiday. It is also essential that you pass on all information to each member of your ski party.

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