We open tomorrow at 8:30 AM
We open tomorrow at 8:30 AM
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    IMPORTANT - Please note: We accept bookings with children and infants on any date in Bear Lodge on room by room bookings, or on any date in any chalet if occupying the whole chalet. Also in all chalets for departures on 15, 22 & 29 Dec 2021; 6 & 13 Feb; 27 Mar; 3 & 10 Apr 2022 . Bookings made online outside these parameters unfortunately will not be accepted. 


Top Ski Tips

Top Tips for Securing a Ski Job

Our recruitment team has been sending seasonnaires to the Alps since before many of this year’s hopefuls were born. We managed to drag them away from sampling yet another selection of cakes and canapés... Read More

Snow cannons producing snow on ski runs on sunny day

Be kinder to the planet during your time on the slopes

Ask anyone if taking a ski holiday is good for the environment and they’ll likely come back with a resounding no. First there’s getting there, on short-haul, carbon-emitting flights. Then there’s the work on... Read More

Smiling woman pouring skincare product out of bottle onto hand

17 Of Our Favourite Winter Skincare Products

There’s nothing more exciting than packing for a long-awaited ski holiday but have you remembered your winter skincare essentials ? Cold mountain air, sunlight bouncing off the snow and altitude can all play... Read More

Skier doing up ski boots in boot room

Choosing The Right Ski Boots

I’m often asked “Which bit of kit matters the most?” My answer hasn’t changed for thirty years. It’s all about the boots. Rubbish boots and the best skis in the world won’t help your skiing. Well-fitted... Read More

Group of smiling skiers

3 Tips For Skiing In Groups

Skiing is an adventure, but sometimes it can be challenging to find that sweet spot where everyone in your group, regardless of their skill level, can enjoy the slopes together. In this guide, TDC Ski... Read More

Skier skiing off-piste in deep powder

7 Tips On How To Stay Warm While Skiing

We all dream of skiing in blue skies and sunshine but when temperatures plummet or the weather changes, it can be hard to stay warm. Fear not! Here are our top tips for staying comfortably warm when you hit the... Read More

What to pack for your next ski trip

We often get asked about what to pack for a holiday in the mountains so we've put together a handy guide for you. Skiing is one of those sports where the clothing is just as important to get right as the... Read More

Pack light – Dress like a pro

You may have heard of Oxygene for their reputable ski equipment and ski lessons, they are now offering clothing hire too! Not only do the outfits on offer look great, but they are comfortable and boast the ... Read More

Treat your Valentine

Skiing is the ideal romantic getaway, it will give you memories to treasure forever. Aside from the skiing, stunning scenery, log fires and of course each other's company, there are plenty of other things we... Read More

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Working a Ski Season

Every year we send over 200 fresh-faced seasonaires out to the French and Austrian Alps to embark upon the adventure of a lifetime working in one of our 10 resorts. We employ people from all walks of life... Read More

Get Fit for Skiing – Episode 5

Today we’re sharing the last in our Get Fit for Skiing series, showcasing exercises devised by Mark Zawadski of Peak Condition to help you get in shape for your ski holiday. Hopefully by now you’ve all... Read More

Get fit for skiing – Episode 4

Today’s ski exercise requires a keen sense of balance and will work to engage the core muscles. If you can’t feel the burn, then you aren’t doing it correctly! You’ll need use of a swiss ball to provide the... Read More

Get Fit for Skiing – Episode 3

This week’s ski exercise is one for the real powder hounds, mogul bashers and speed demons. It’ll help to create more power through your turns for tighter carving action on the ski slopes this winter, whilst... Read More

Get Fit for Skiing - Episode 2

...many of us have turned our attention to New Year’s resolutions. It could be tackling dry January, trying a vegetarian or vegan diet for a month or working on your fitness ahead of a busy year. If it’s... Read More

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