We open tomorrow at 8:30 AM
We open tomorrow at 8:30 AM

Working as a VIP SKI Nanny

If you would like to earn a living by building snowmen, creating a glittery masterpiece or going on a trip for hot chocolate, you are in the right place. In this job you can combine a love for working with children with the stunning surroundings of the French Alps. 

Take a look at an average day in the life of a VIP SKI Nanny...


When I hear the chalet hosts leave to prepare breakfast at 6:45am, I’m so glad I’m a nanny! Today I’m starting early, at 8:30am, but some days I don’t start until around 12, it depends on what suits the guests. This week I’m looking after Freddie, who’s 5 and very excited about going to ski school for the first time, and his little sister, 2 year old Amy.  They get on quite well together, and I have only had to use my extensive negotiation skills to settle one argument…so far!

I arrive at the chalet and Freddie is still in his pyjamas – not a good sign when we need to leave in 10 minutes to get to ski school. I speed him along by setting him a challenge to do it against the clock and in record time we are on our way to ski school, and even have time for a game of eye-spy when we arrive.

I watch him shuffle off on his skis and head back to the chalet in time to get a quick handover from mum and dad before they hit the mountain, and Amy and I get baking. Today we’re giving Sam the chalet host a hand making the cake for afternoon tea. The resulting creation might not quite to VIP Ski’s normal high standards of presentation, but Amy is very proud of her efforts and it certainly has a personal touch!  We make the most of our ‘girl time’ together playing with the doll’s house I brought in my toybox, and reading her favourite Charlie and Lola book (for probably the sixth time this week), then head out with a bucket and spade to build snowcastles while watching Freddie whiz down the nursery slope.


After a quick chat with Pascal his instructor to hear how he got on, it’s back for lunch.

The kids deal with decorating their own pizza, and I deal with the grated cheese which ends up anywhere but the pizza base!

While Amy snoozes off her lunch in her bed, Freddie and I have some quiet time tackling a Ben 10 puzzle to recover from a hard morning on the mountain. Then it’s back on with the ski suits and suncream and off to meet Ellie, another VIP Ski nanny, and ‘her children’ for a playdate trip up the bubble and a picnic on the top of the mountain. The children are very excited by their ‘magic’ ski passes and flying over the skiers on the piste below.

When we get back to the chalet, mum and dad are enjoying some of Amy’s cake, and Freddie immediately launches into describing his exploits on the drag-lift this morning before he has even taken his snow-boots off. And I don’t even need to tell them what we have done today as Amy gets in there first – they are making my job easy!


There are certainly tricky bits; exhausted children, distracting little ones who don’t want to be left and avoiding covering the chalet in glitter and paint….but there aren’t many jobs where you can play in the sunshine in January, perfect your sledging technique and go for crêpe trips, all in the name of work!


The best part to looking after the children for a week is seeing the wonderful reviews:

  • The nanny looking after our kids was very sweet and attentive.
  • Our nanny was just the best and overall another wonderful week with vip
  • Outstanding childcare
  • The kids adored her

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