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We are open until 6:00 PM
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No flights

Sat May 08, 2021

No Flights?

Sadly our charter days are over.

We do not include flights as part of our holiday arrangements anymore because fewer of our guests wish to fit in with our rigid charter flight times and fixed departure airport, choosing rather to make alternative arrangements with their own favourite airline or regional airport. We understand that the plethora of low-cost airlines and regional departures made this inevitable at some stage or another (albeit sooner than we expected to be honest) and this means that charter flying for a small business like ours is no longer commercially viable unfortunately.

A manned VIP SKI hospitality desk at Geneva

To move with the times and facilitate this change, and to give our guests access to the full gamut of scheduled airline services available, we have instead concentrated on the part of the journey that is hard and expensive to organise, getting from the airport to resort and back again. We will therefore be operating Geneva as our transport hub, the airport with the most arrivals and departures to the UK.

We will have a manned desk at the airport as a liaison point for those that have booked to travel to resort independently and to provide assistance to all VIP SKI guests throughout the day.

Complimentary coach transfer from and to Geneva Airport

For those who would like to make use of our complimentary transfer service, we are offering three scheduled buses up to and down from each resort at intervals every Sunday (and on a Wednesday for our December departures), seats only available by prior reservation. Click for full details and timings.

Upgrade to private taxi transfers from £20 per person

Whilst our complimentary scheduled coach transfers from Geneva are comfortable, reliable and efficient, we recognise that they may not suit everyone. Guests might worry about being inconvenienced by flight delays, waiting unnecessarily at the airport for others, or might wish to fly to Lyon, Grenoble or Chambery and take advantage of a flight route, timing and price that suits better.

We have therefore negotiated with local taxi partners and subsidised the cost substantially to provide private taxi transfer at some amazing prices. The comfort and intimacy of a personal driver and vehicle to take a party straight from the airport terminal to chalet, and then back to the airport a week later, costs as little as £20 per person to anywhere in the Portes du Soleil or £40 to Val d’Isère and Les Arcs.

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If you need our help researching flight options, availability and prices then of course we are more than happy to assist.

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