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We are open until 6:00 PM
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Be kinder to the planet during your time on the slopes

Fri March 22, 2024

Snow cannon in front of ski lift

Ask anyone if taking a ski holiday is good for the environment and they’ll likely come back with a resounding no. First there’s getting there, on short-haul, carbon-emitting flights. Then there’s the work on the mountain to make it friendly for skiers; from deforestation and piste grooming to running chairlifts back up the hill. And then there’s the catch-22 in the form of snow production; snow needs to be made artificially to keep the traditional low altitude areas open, but this emits more carbon into the atmosphere, exacerbating the problem.

Nonetheless there are several actions the eco-conscious skier can make, small changes to ensure we’re all doing our bit to ensure the future of skiing.

1. Don't fly, drive

Skip the airport hassles, luggage limitations and busy terminals. Travel at your own pace and explore charming villages along the way. Enjoy much lower carbon emissions than flying and reach the Alps in 10-12 hours on a well-maintained motorway network. This flexible option allows you to customize your journey and experience some culture along the way. Get your timing right, arrive early or leave late, and you can even enjoy a free day’s lift pass in Val d’Isère, 7 days for the price of 6.

Got an EV? Reduce your footprint even further with the well serviced European electric charging network.

Electric vehicle charging

2. Choose a green ski resort

No, we don’t mean a resort with the most green graded runs, we’re talking eco-friendly sustainable ski holidays. Many ski resorts are now making their own efforts to reduce their carbon footprint, some are not quite there. Do a little research and choose wisely. Our own chalets in Val d’Isere, Les Arcs and Avoriaz are all above 1800m and on or near the slopes, this means no carbon to get to the snow and piste.

3. A light touch on the planet during your stay

Drink our mountain filtered water and use our sustainable bottles, don’t buy plastic. Only use a bathrobe and request disposable slippers if you need to, we are delighted to provide these, but remember this choice has a environmental cost. Cool your room at the thermostat, not by opening the balcony door. We never forget that you are on holiday but little things from time to time make a big difference.

Recycle bins in the snow above ski lift

4. Leave no trace

Many resorts rely on volunteers in the summer months to help recover the detritus left over the winter. Last summer more than 700kg of waste was collected with the help of over 180 volunteers in Val d’Isère.

We all see the beauty of the mountains under a blanket of white snow, but many don’t see the mess left behind when the snow melts in the spring. A discarded apple core lasts 1-5 months, a dropped tissue 3 months, a cigarette butt up to 5 years, a drink can 50 and plastic 450 !

Take your rubbish back to the chalet.

5. Buy better. Smarter ways to shop skiwear

Skiwear needs to be hardwearing and most of the kit in circulation today is made using fossil fuel derived polyester or nylon. It then has a toxic DWR added to make it waterproof. These 2 elements alone mean it has a large footprint before we’ve even considered all the other ingredients used. It’s hard to filter and scrutinise clothing brand environmental credentials beyond the marketing slogans but EcoSki have done the work for us. They acknowledge the current linear “make – take – dispose” model is broken and needs fixing. They distill their advice into four choices: Repair, Rent, Preowned or New ‘kit with a conscience’, allowing us all to become more conscious and responsible in our purchasing decisions.

Check out their story on their website or find them on social media @eco.ski

lady selecting ski clothing

6. Recycle your lift pass

Allow us to collect your pass at the end of your stay so we can return these to the lift company for reuse.

7. Support POW

There are several charities and organisations out there all campaigning for change that need support. Just one of those is POW, Protect Our Winters. POW helps passionate outdoor people protect the places and experiences we love from climate change.

You can support their campaign by purchasing POW eco-friendly merchandise, and also spread the word about the great work they’re doing. 100% of the profits are put straight back into their campaigns, and the gear looks good too!

Collectively we can take action to help ensure the future of ski holidays

Together, we can make a difference! We're working alongside our community to continuously improve the sustainability of VIP SKI experiences. We're committed to finding solutions that benefit both the environment and your incredible VIP experience. Read how we are taking our environmental responsibilities seriously and are committed to change.

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