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What to pack for your next ski trip

Tue October 18, 2022

We often get asked about what to pack for a holiday in the mountains so we've put together a handy guide for you. 

Skiing is one of those sports where the clothing is just as important to get right as the equipment, and that’s due to the fact you’re out having fun in usually cold, often snowy conditions, with an ever-present potential for danger. On crowded slopes you will encounter people wearing an immense variety of ski attire, much of it stylish and clearly expensive, but it almost always conforms to the same patterns of layering, protection and accessories. From time to time you’ll see daredevils flying past in fancy dress, or just their underwear, but they tend to be the exception!

Buying clothes for skiing can be difficult when you’re not entirely sure what you need, and don’t want to purchase things you won’t use while forgetting something you definitely will require. So here’s what you’ll need to think about packing if you are off on a VIP ski holiday soon, and why each piece is necessary.

Kate Garner Copywriter & Content Creator

With a passion for snowsports and all things travel related, Kate is a whiz with words, and has a love of all things digital, especially social media.

The Best Restaurants In Morzine

Fri October 07, 2022

Updated Apr 24

Restaurants in Morzine are some of the best ways to spend your time when you're not gliding down the slopes or enjoying the other activities on offer. From charming traditional chalet-style eateries to contemporary culinary hotspots, Morzine offers a range of restaurants to suit your taste.

Here are what we consider the best restaurants in and around Morzine.

VIP SKI Team London Office

The VIP SKI team are here to answer any question you may have.

Flight inclusive holidays to Bear Lodge Hotel

Sun October 02, 2022

Following the hugely successful opening of Bear Lodge last season we’re super excited to announce an exclusive deal with our retail partner Ski Solutions to offer full packages including EasyJet flights from Gatwick for the 22/23 winter.

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