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September 2019 - Luxury Ski News Archive

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A Marketing professional with a love of travel and all things ski related. Nici secured her dream job with VIP SKI in 2010 and hasn't looked back since!

The Secret To Your Body Supporting Your Skiing – Flexibility

Wed September 18, 2019

Even the most competent skier may feel aches, pains and tension after day one of their ski holiday. Certainly first time skiers will no doubt suffer aches in muscles they didn’t even know existed. So it’s vital you prepare yourself for the slopes and aim to get fit so you can enjoy your week in the mountains without your body letting you down. 

Flexibility in muscles and tendons is one of the key areas to focus on to ensure you can maintain good techniqueavoid fatigue and more importantly avoid injury on the slopes. A jog around the park or a couple of trips to the gym the week before your holiday will not prepare you for 6 days of skiing. Remember, skiing will be much more fun and safer if you’re flexible and physically fit.

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The Different Types of Ski Explained

Tue September 10, 2019

skis in snow with mountains in the background

Buying your own skis can make sense if you get out to the slopes regularly. You can avoid the queues at rental shops and be sure of the quality of your skis, bindings and any other equipment you purchase. But if you are booking a ski holiday with VIP SKI this year with prices for a decent set starting around £450, you naturally want to make the right choice.

If you’re a novice skier, and tend to stick to well-groomed runs, then the type of ski you’re using probably won’t have a significant impact on your performance or the amount of fun you can have. As your experience and ability progresses however, your choice of ski takes on greater importance as it can improve your performance, speed, agility and safety on different terrain.

Ski technology really took off from around the early 1990s, and there is now a vast amount of choice on the market. For the uninitiated, that can make finding the right ski for your needs bewildering. In most cases it makes sense to browse the range in a shop and discuss your requirements with the staff there so they can help you find the right ski for your requirements and budget.

Whether you’re looking to buy, or simply to make an informed decision when it comes to renting a pair, take a read of this short guide for a lowdown on the different types of ski available, and to what kind of conditions they are most appropriate.

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