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Ski School - Luxury Ski News Archive

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A Marketing professional with a love of travel and all things ski related. Nici secured her dream job with VIP SKI in 2010 and hasn't looked back since!

Ski safety - stay safe on the slopes

Mon January 16, 2023

Stay Safe on the Slopes: Ski Safety Considerations

One of the first things that any good instructor will stress early in lessons is the importance of basic ski safety when on the mountain. Safety is a key concern when taking your family on a ski holiday, but it goes far beyond simply wearing a helmet. Below you’ll find a rundown of core ski safety advice that should be kept in mind whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned pro, because like all the best adventures, skiing also has its fair share of risk.

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Following a season in les Gets and two years in our sales team, Lottie is keen to share all of the latest VIP Ski news, tips and information!

Oxygene Adaptive Ski School

Thu October 10, 2019

Ever heard of taxi skiing?

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Skiing 101 - Learn the Basics

Fri February 15, 2019

Guide to basic skiing techniques

Ok, we’re a little biased, but as far as we’re concerned, skiing is one of the world’s most exciting, graceful and fulfilling sports. And even better, getting to a reasonable level of ability can be quick and easy, if taught well. With this guide, the team here at VIP SKI are aiming to illustrate the basic techniques of skiing so that you can swiftly become more confident and able on the slopes, after which point you can progress at your own pace. Because let’s be honest, done badly skiing can be dangerous, so there is nothing more important than laying the foundations well.

Marketing Assistant

Skiing since the age of five and passionate about all things snow. On a mission to bring you the latest updates, news and features from all of our resorts.

New Ski School partner in Meribel

Tue October 23, 2018

How do you choose a ski school?

“Which ski school would you recommend?” is a question our sales team field countless times over the course of the winter. We know what you’re looking for: small class sizes; friendly, English-speaking instructors and a wide range of ski lessons tailored to specific abilities and ages. This season we are thrilled to have teamed up with Parallel Lines, who operate exclusively in Meribel and tick all the boxes our guests have come to expect.

Marketing Assistant

Skiing since the age of five and passionate about all things snow. On a mission to bring you the latest updates, news and features from all of our resorts.

Back to Ski School

Fri August 31, 2018

We say ski school, you think groups of French children swarming around the lifts, falling over and generally causing havoc. Think again because ski schools have branched out massively and now offer a huge variety of classes to suit all levels of skiers. Even advanced skiers can benefit hugely from a pair of eyes on the ground to point out bad habits which you might have picked up over the years.

Here’s our run down of the most exciting classes to discover this season from our ski school partners in France and Austria.

Avoriaz Alpine Ski School – Ladies’ Backcountry Clinic

No boys allowed in this exclusive group, led by British Freeride coach Amy Marwick with the aim to introduce backcountry skiing (off-piste to you and I) in a friendly and welcoming environment. Amy will cover the basic backcountry skillset including choosing an appropriate line, lining up natural features and, of course, using avalanche safety kit effectively and efficiently.

The course is scheduled to run from 28 – 30 January. Look at Chalet Ossetra and Penthouse 1 for luxury accommodation.

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