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A cake fit for the Queen

Tue May 31, 2022

A cake recipe fit for the Queen

Skiers out there will appreciate how special the first bite of a delicious, well earned, afternoon tea cake, cookie or biscuit tastes after a few cheeky après vin chauds. Which is why here at VIP SKI towers we take our afternoon tea and desserts very seriously indeed. 

Marketing Assistant

Following a season in les Gets and two years in our sales team, Lottie is keen to share all of the latest VIP Ski news, tips and information!

Veganuary doesn't have to end today!

Fri January 31, 2020

Alpine Cuisine

Regional differences aside, alpine cuisine has been shaped for centuries by its isolated rural nature, with meals predominantly centring around dairy, cereals and meat products.

Ski resorts have a well-deserved reputation for not only their love of meat and cheese but also their ability to continually create indulgent dishes revolving around these two food groups.

This can be tricky for lactose intolerant, gluten free vegetarians…

Marketing Manager

A Marketing professional with a love of travel and all things ski related. Nici secured her dream job with VIP SKI in 2010 and hasn't looked back since!

Food Glorious Food

Tue November 12, 2019

What’s on the Menu?

Our Catering Manager, Ben Cadle, has worked tirelessly over the summer months to plan our menu for the coming season. We of course understand a catered chalet holiday is all about the food.

Our menu has been developed to compliment the levels of service and accommodation we have become renowned for. We also hope that our menu not only satisfies you, our guests, but also keeps our chalet hosts interested as cooks for the season.

Marketing Assistant

Skiing since the age of five and passionate about all things snow. On a mission to bring you the latest updates, news and features from all of our resorts.

If Each of Our Resorts Were a Biscuit…Which Would It Be?

Fri July 19, 2019

During the long summer months conversation in the office tends to take a turn for the weirder. This morning the sales team spent time between enquiries debating a hotly topical issue:

If each of our resorts were a biscuit, which one would it be?

Fueled by outrage at the disastrous lack of biscuits in the office and after hours of intense debate, we’ve complied the following short(bread)list. Let us know whether you agree or disagree.

Morzine - Hobnob

The humble hobnob is a staple of the office biscuit tin and an excellent entry-level drug for the un-inducted. It’s a jack of all trades, equally at home being dunked into a cup of tea as it is in a lunch box. There’s an undeniable salt-of-the-earth quality about the hobnob which matches perfectly with Morzine’s lack of pretension.

Marketing Assistant

Skiing since the age of five and passionate about all things snow. On a mission to bring you the latest updates, news and features from all of our resorts.

Behind the cellar door with our Master Sommelier

Tue January 22, 2019

“A bottle of wine begs to be shared; I have never met I miserly wine lover.”

A catered chalet holiday is all about the food...but of course we understand that the wine on offer is equally important. Wine is a staple ingredient of VIP SKI holidays, be it enjoyed with your 3-course evening meal, quaffed at aprés-ski or sipped whilst bubbling away in the hot tub under the late afternoon sunshine. Three reds, three whites and a rosé are offered in all our chalets, with optional upgrades available too for special occasions or for those who prefer a particular grape.  Our chalet hosts all had the chance to sample all seven house wines and are on hand to pair specific bottles with each meal on the VIP SKI menu.

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