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We are open until 6:00 PM
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Get Fit for Skiing – Episode 5

Fri March 15, 2019

Today we’re sharing the last in our Get Fit for Skiing series, showcasing exercises devised by Mark Zawadski of Peak Condition to help you get in shape for your ski holiday. Hopefully by now you’ve all lunged, squatted, cable-pulled and swiss-balled your way to full fitness and will be able to hit the slopes with confidence this winter. We’re tired just thinking about it!

You spin me right round, baby, right round

Today’s ski exercise focuses on the muscles required to execute perfect parallel turns by strengthening the “inner unit” – the deep muscles of the core which stabilise the spine and saoriliac joint. You might be surprised to know that the core extends far beyond the abdominals and actually encompasses the muscles around the spine, pelvis and shoulders too. These muscles are often neglected in the quest for abs of steel but are integral for core stability.

Turns are pretty vital for skiing – you’d come to a very sticky end in no time if you tried to head straight down the mountain without putting in some parallels. You’ll need a swiss ball and access to a cable-pull machine to give today’s exercise a go. Here’s what Mark had to say about it:

"This tiling reflex exercise helps you stabilise your “inner unit” while learning to integrate anterior oblique sling strength. The ski turns - requiring strength and stability in the core, shoulders and legs -  will improve as a result. Even balancing on the ball without the addition of the cable pull will help to create better turns."

There’s still time to squeeze in an April ski holiday before winter comes to an end. Spring skiing is characterised by blue skies, warm afternoons and longer evenings to enjoy the spectacular alpine sunsets. Throw in a bit of prep by following Mark’s exercise programme (follow the links for Episodes One, TwoThree & Four) in the weeks leading up to your holiday and we guarantee that you’ll finish the week feeling as fresh as you started.

Help from the top

If you’d like to take it a step further then Mark is offering a complimentary 60-minute ski consultation to VIP SKI customers. Follow the link to find out more and book in to benefit from his expertise.

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