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We open at 8:30 AM
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Get Fit for Skiing – Episode 3

Fri January 25, 2019

Looking to tear up the slopes?

This week’s ski exercise is one for the real powder hounds, mogul bashers and speed demons. It’ll help to create more power through your turns for tighter carving action on the ski slopes this winter, whilst also exercising the muscles necessary for rotational separation – the movement which allows your shoulders to remain facing down the piste whilst your legs and hips turn independently. In technical terms:

“This exercise is fantastic to help you generate strength and condition in posterior oblique sling, while enhancing the stability of your knee, sacrum and low back and the strength in your glute max and scapula adductors.”

The two previous exercises in the series have both been suitable for trying from the comfort of your own home (or even in the chalet!) but today’s will require the use of a cable machine to feel the full benefit. Remember that Mark, Head Coach at Peak Condition, has offered a complimentary 60-minute ski conditioning consultation for VIP SKI customers. Take advantage of the offer for the full use of all equipment in his Central London gym.

What's the Benefit?

With snow conditions looking brilliant across the French and Austrian Alps following a cold January now’s the time to start preparing for your ski holiday. Skiing activates muscle groups which aren’t used during any other time of the year, so waking them up before you hit the slopes can make a real difference to your technique. Incorporate a couple of ski exercises into your routine in the weeks leading up to your holiday to ensure that you’re in the best position to enjoy long days on the slopes.


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