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We open at 8:30 AM
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Get fit for skiing – Episode 4

Fri February 22, 2019

Today’s ski exercise requires a keen sense of balance and will work to engage the core muscles. If you can’t feel the burn, then you aren’t doing it correctly! You’ll need use of a swiss ball to provide the unstable surface which makes the exercise so effective. You can pick one up cheaply online or in most department stores, or find one in your local gym. Once you’ve gotten your hands on one the possibilities become endless and you’re guaranteed to see a real improvement in your ski technique and endurance whilst on the slopes.

Mark, head coach at Peak Condition, explains exactly how this exercise relates to skiing:

“This Swiss Ball lateral flexion is a simple but effective way to create lower and upper body dissociation, which will help you to generate better hip angles when creating a ski turn. With this exercise you are conditioning, and creating balance in the internal obliques and external obliques (Which generate rotational and side flexion force) and the quadratus lumborum (which stabilises the ribcage, lumbar spine and pelvis).”

Exercise 4 - Swiss Ball Lateral Flexion

Give it a go in the lead up to your next ski holiday for abs of steel. You never know, it could make the difference between a close shave and an embarrassing wipe-out in front of your friends! Put in the work before your holiday and then travel safe in the knowledge that you can enjoy double portions of delicious VIP SKI chalet catering.

Take it one step further...

If you’re interested in making the most of Mark’s expertise, then he has offered a complimentary 60-minute ski conditioning consultation and assessment for VIP SKI customers. Simply visit www.peakcondition.org or click here to book in for a full evaluation.

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