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We open at 9:00 AM
We open at 9:00 AM
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Waving Goodbye to Winter 2018/19 - the Highlights

Thu April 18, 2019

We welcomed the first guests of the season... chalets in Val d’Isere on the 2nd December. How time flies! 21 weeks and thousands  of afternoon teas, hot chocolates, cooked breakfasts, bottles of champagne and canapes later we can hardly believe we’ll soon be waving goodbye to our last guests of the winter next week.

And what a winter it's been

Although we didn’t quite see a return of the biblical conditions of 2017/18, whereby resorts were closed and staff accommodation put on lockdown due to the avalanche risk, the elements treated us to some of the finest skiing in recent memory. Just when we thought conditions were getting a little icy the clouds would reappear and obligingly sprinkle a good dusting of powder over the French and Austrian Alps. Add plenty of sunshine to the mix and it was, you could say, perfect.

Celebrate good times

We helped to celebrate plenty of special occasions over the season. There was an engagement and a wedding in the overseas team - yet more couples to add to the growing roster of VIP marriages over the years. We helped with plenty of surprises: from unexpected family reunions to parents who wanted to keep their arrival a secret from our hosting team. Hardly a week goes by without a wedding anniversary or a birthday celebration. Our favourite request of the season was for a cake baked specifically in the shape of a cow. We’d love to know the story behind that one…

Avoriaz: one to watch out for

The four new chalets in Avoriaz were a hit with both new and returning guests. Chalet Kakisa even made headlines with a feature in the Daily Mail, a level of notoriety which the whole UK team can only aspire to. We’re building again over the summer to bring our chalet collection up to 11 in Avoriaz, making it our second largest resort behind Val d’Isere.

We all fall down (sometimes)

The season wasn’t without its challenges. It’s never nice to answer the phone to reports of injuries from the slopes but sadly the inevitable did occasionally happen. Our resort teams swiftly handle the logistical challenge of guest repatriation with a broken leg, knee, collarbone, arm (the list goes on) and we wish everyone a very speedy recovery back in blighty.

Onwards and upwards

There’s been plenty of laughs to keep us going through the busy winter months. In the UK we’ve been surprised by unexpected Jack Russells, the popularity of the Love-Island themed office calendar and two colleagues’ particular predilection for night-time maritime activities. The hard work doesn’t stop over summer, and we’re kicking off with an exciting research trip to visit our new base in Val d’Isere: Aspen House.

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It’s only 33 weeks until the next season and, as far as we’re concerned, it’s all downhill ‘til then.

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