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We are open until 6:00 PM
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Flexible travel options

Wed May 12, 2021

Added flexibility that doesn’t cost a penny more

My goodness, how we have wrestled with this challenge over the long Covid winter. We hear you when you say that you don’t want the rigidity of charter flying, that you want the flexibility of flying from wherever you want at any time of the day, we hear many of you when you say that you don’t want to be squeezed onto a coach at our convenience and we hear everyone that doesn’t want this added flexibility to cost a penny more.

Well, just maybe we have found a way to satisfy you all. We have taken a few hundred pounds off our prices, as little as a hundred on low season dates when flights are cheap and many hundreds on the peak dates, so that you can make your own flight arrangements from wherever you choose and at your own convenience.

Complimentary transfers from Geneva Airport

For those that are happy to fly to Geneva and maybe wait a little at the airport over a cup of coffee we will continue to offer complimentary coach transfers to and from all of our resorts with three scheduled departures a day. We will have a manned desk at Geneva Airport to provide welcome and assistance to all arriving and departing VIP SKI guests.

Incredible upgrade rates for private transfers from any airport

For those after something a little bit special at a price that didn’t break the bank we had to work a bit harder. So we manhandled our local taxi suppliers into an armlock, asked them to sharpen their pencils again and again, and threw some of our own money at the prices we negotiated. We’ve ended up with some amazing rates.

So for those worried about waiting unnecessarily at the airport for others, those who prefer the intimacy of their own company, or indeed those who would like to fly to Lyon, Grenoble or Chambery, we can now offer unbelievable upgrade prices for your own personal driver to meet your flight and transfer you directly to and from your chalet.

Private transfer supplements from only £20 per person in the Portes du Soleil and £40 per person to the Tarentaise. See prices for private transfers.

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