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A cake fit for the Queen

Tue May 31, 2022

A cake recipe fit for the Queen

Skiers out there will appreciate how special the first bite of a delicious, well earned, afternoon tea cake, cookie or biscuit tastes after a few cheeky après vin chauds. Which is why here at VIP SKI towers we take our afternoon tea and desserts very seriously indeed. 

Entertaining this Jubilee weekend?

In our book a Jubilee celebration cake should be table leg groaningly big. It should have at least one candle, possibly a sparkler and icing as thick as the snow on the roof of your chalet. 

Four layers – two vanilla, two raspberry – sandwiched with a decadent mascarpone raspberry icing. Phwoar. When you cut into it a magical Battenburg-esque layering system ensures everyone gets a double flavour whammy in every iced slice. 

The recipe:

Make two sponges to your favourite recipe in 8-inch tins. Flavour one with vanilla, and one with a good amount of pink food colouring and raspberries (frozen will do). Once cool, slice in half horizontally. Cut a small circle of cake from each middle (ramekin size) and then another circle (cereal bowl size). Separate the circles and rebuild so you have two halves of cake with vanilla outer circles, pink inner wheels and a vanilla centre and two that have pink outer circles, vanilla inner wheels and a pink centre.

Raspberry & Mascarpone Icing

- 150g raspberries
- 2 tbsp caster sugar
- 250g Mascarpone
- 300ml Double Cream

Beat the raspberries, caster sugar and Mascarpone together well before adding the cream. Using an electric beater whisk until stiff and mousse like. Resist licking the spoon until after you’ve iced your cooled cake.

Finish with a smooth topping of icing and sprinkle with dehydrated raspberry pieces, fresh raspberries, Malteasers, white chocolate shavings, or anything else you fancy and throw on a candle with a flourish! Happy Jubilee Celebrations to you! 

If this tasty pud has whet your appetite for afternoon tea and catered chalets, browse live availability now. Our office will be closed over the Jubilee bank holiday but you can book online 24-7, and there's a Jubilee special offer to be snapped up too!

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