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We are open until 5:00 PM
We are open until 5:00 PM
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Get Fit for Skiing - Episode 2

Mon January 07, 2019

Now that Christmas is over...

...many of us have turned our attention to New Year’s resolutions. It could be tackling dry January, trying a vegetarian or vegan diet for a month or working on your fitness ahead of a busy year. If it’s fitness goals which you have in mind, then making them ski-specific is a great way to stay motivated as you get closer to your chalet holiday. There’s no better feeling than cruising down the slopes, safe in the knowledge that the work you’ve put in beforehand will prevent any niggling aches and pains from ruining your holiday fun.

 For some inspiration on how to condition your skiing muscles read on for the next in our series of ski exercises with Mark Zawadski of Peak Condition.

Today he’s demonstrating the Swiss Ball Horse Stance Balance Roll, which requires nothing more than an exercise ball and a keen sense of balance. Here’s what Mark had to say about it:

“This amazing tilting reflex exercise will help you activate your “inner unit” muscles in order to stabilise your spine, pelvis and lower back. You will also improve your ski performance by creating a stable foundation to generate power from.”

If you’re interested in making the most of Mark’s expertise, then he has offered a complimentary 60-minute ski conditioning consultation and assessment for VIP SKI customers. Simply visit to book in for a full evaluation.

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