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5 Top Tips For Beginner Skiers

Wed February 28, 2024

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Embarking on your first ski trip is an all-around exhilarating experience. There is much to look forward to but there are also a few things to keep in mind to best prepare for your first time on skis and ensure that your experience is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

If you are heading out to the mountains for the first time, read on to discover 5 top tips for beginner skiers from the leading online ski lesson booking platform, Maison Sport.

1. Stretch And Warm Up

Skiing is a strenuous sport, so it’s important to warm up and stretch your muscles to get your body prepared. This will help with injury prevention and enhance your performance on the slopes. Skiing requires flexibility, so warming up properly will help your muscles react faster and protect your joints. If you are new to skiing you may be using muscle groups that you haven’t used that much before, so don’t worry if you feel a bit achy after a day on the slopes.

It’s equally as important to stretch your muscles after skiing as it is beforehand. This will aid with recovery, so you feel fresh and ready to go the next day.

Watch a full warm-up routine with a top Maison Sport instructor to give you some ideas!

2. Embrace A Positive Mindset

Skiing is difficult to master and it can be very challenging when you are a complete beginner to the sport. When learning to ski, it’s important to go into each day with a positive attitude. Take in the views and the thrill of skiing in the mountains. It’s not every day that you can experience this! Skiing is about having fun and pushing yourself. But it takes time and practice, so don't get ahead of yourself.

Start slow and be patient with yourself! Embrace the learning journey and celebrate every small improvement. With the right attitude and some perseverance, you’ll be skiing with perfect technique in no time!

Skiers walking across ski slope carrying skis

3. Learn The Rules And Etiquette Of The Mountain

When skiing, it’s incredibly important to learn the mountain rules and etiquette. Be sure to observe all signs, weather warnings and slope markers. Be aware of skiers around you and try to maintain a safe distance. You should always yield to skiers downhill and be considerate of others. It is important to be decisive and clear with your movements when turning or stopping so that other skiers can plan their route safely around you.

Check out the Piste X Code for more information about safety rules on the piste.

4. Make Sure You Have The Correct Equipment

When skiing for the first time, make sure that you are kitted out with the correct equipment. The essential equipment needed for skiing includes; a fitted pair of skis and boots, ski poles and a helmet. You should also invest in appropriate clothing such as; ski goggles, salopettes, a ski jacket, base layers, ski gloves and ski socks to keep you warm and dry on the mountain.

Check out our ski equipment guide and ski trip packing list to make sure that you have everything you need for the slopes.

Don’t forget to buy travel insurance that covers snowsports!

3 skiers following ski instructor down slope

5. Book Ski Lessons

The safest and most efficient way to learn how to ski is by booking lessons with a professional ski instructor. Skiing is a highly technical sport, and having a ski instructor teach you the correct technique can make a huge difference in your skiing ability and your overall holiday experience. Learning the correct technique at the beginning of your skiing journey is crucial – you don’t want to develop any bad habits! Your instructor will also take you to the best areas for your ability, teach you how to correctly use equipment and about the different types of ski lifts in the resort.

If you are a beginner, booking a ski instructor is always a good idea!

If you follow these 5 top tips for beginner skiers you’ll be ready and prepared for your first skiing experience and will be sure to have a fantastic time on the slopes!

For more skiing tips and tutorials check out Maison Sport’s YouTube Channel or visit their website to book ski lessons across more than 430 European ski resorts.

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