We open tomorrow at 9:00 AM
We open tomorrow at 9:00 AM
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We can’t get to the phone right now...

Mon January 01, 0001

...but don't worry we are still here

** UPDATE 30 March ** Our phone system is back up and running and you can reach us on the usual number between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

We took the decision on Monday morning that, despite our considerable efforts to mitigate the risk of passing on Covid-19 infection, it was no longer appropriate to ask our colleagues to come into a social work environment with all the inherent risk that this carries.

So we enacted Part 1 of our emergency plans with aplomb and from this morning, Tuesday, all our sales staff in the London Office are now working remotely. Please bear with them as they battle for laptop space at the kitchen table with kids and house mates grappling for cornflakes and fruit bowl, responding to emails might take a little longer than usual. So we are all online and all our remote systems are up and running but despite testing it to death last week, we are having a few technical problems with our phones (that was Part 2). Oooops.

In all likelihood we are not going to fix the switchboard until the end of the week so we won’t be able to take calls until Monday 30 March. We are very sorry about this but do drop us an email, as long as the dog hasn’t eaten our laptop chargers, we will get back to you, although perhaps a little later than usual.

Thanks for your understanding. It is very much appreciated.

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